I'm a Scientist...Get me out of here!

21 November 2018

It’s not every day a student gets to judge a scientist, but that’s exactly what happened when STFC scientists took part in this year’s ‘I’m a Scientist – Get me out of here!’ competition... Students were able to challenge scientists across a variety of areas and ask them anything they wanted, before voting for their favourite scientist.

The winners of STFC’s funded zones include:

Dr McHugh said: “We make lots of organic crystals and use STFC facilities, like the Diamond Light Source, to work out what their structure is by using a technique called single crystal X-ray diffraction.”

David Ho said: “My PhD is funded by STFC, which I’m very grateful for.”

Dr Graeme Poole said: “My PhD was funded by an STFC scholarship.”

The scientists have to face hundreds of random questions from students across the nation, which range from; ‘is pineapple on pizza, wrong?’ and ‘what would it be like to live on mars?’ to ‘who made the television?’

The ‘I’m a Scientist’ competition is an online activity that took place in November for two weeks. The reward for the winning scientist of each zone is £500 to spend on communicating their scientific research to the public.

‘I’m a Scientist’ was created by Sophia Collins who based the competition on a pre-existing youth engagement scheme ‘I’m a Councillor’. The first ‘I’m a Scientist’ event ran in 2008, funded by a Wellcome Trust People Award that supported public engagement projects and encouraged the public to take part in research. ‘I’m a Scientist’ now runs at a much bigger scale with competitions taking place twice a year.

Congratulations to all winners and to everyone who took part in the challenge, including our very own STFC scientists, Adam Berlie from ISIS Neutron and Muon Source; Stewart Martin-Haugh from Rutherford Appleton Laboratory – ATLAS; and Agnes Wojtusiak from Central Laser Facility.

To catch up on the action and latest news follow @imascientist, and follow the hashtag #IASUK.

Interested in taking part in the next ‘I’m a Scientist’ event in March 2019? Applications are now open on the I’m a Scientist website.

Last updated: 25 February 2019


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