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PGCE see the invisible at Daresbury Lab

14 February 2019

Secondary Science PGCE students from The University of Chester joined us today at Daresbury Laboratory to learn about the latest STFC projects, and how they can be presented to school children and young adults.

Phill Day with Infrared Camera

The morning sessions started off with a portable planetarium show and infrared demonstrations. These were used to show how the James Webb Space Telescope’s on board camera will use light that is invisible to the human eye to look for planets, new atmospheres, and even potential life elsewhere.

Phill Day with Infrared images

Daresbury’s Public Engagement Manager, Phill Day, used an infrared camera to which shows how heat is transferred from people’s hands and then radiates from the surface of a table, in the form of infrared light. This is one way of demonstrating the light that the James Webb Space Telescope will be able to see that is invisible to us. 

To find out more about what our public engagement team do for schools and the public, visit our public engagement area.

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