£3.5 million for STFC spin out using space technology to monitor the environment

30 April 2018

STFC spin-out MIRICO has secured a £3.5 Million investment to support its technology for the instant, high precision measurement of greenhouse gases and pollutants in the environment.

Tighter regulations on air quality and the growing sophistication of manufacturing processes are driving the demand for more accurate, reliable and versatile gas sensing technologies.

Using laser techniques developed at STFC’s RAL Space to analyse gasses in planetary atmospheres, MIRICO produces equipment for real-time, high precision sensing of gases to meet these global needs and markets. This includes measuring air quality and greenhouse gases, and industrial process control where control of gas mixtures can improve efficiency and yield.

The technology uses next generation lasers to measure very low levels of greenhouse gases in real-time, targeting molecules with immense precision and very few components. It can detect where traces of carbon dioxide come from in the field, for example if they originate naturally from plant respiration or through the burning of fossil fuels.

Dr Liz Kirby, Head of Innovation at STFC, said “We are thrilled that MIRICO has reached this next stage in realising the commercial potential from STFC patented technology. This is a fantastic example of how world leading technology teamed with innovation and business support in the early days can help a company flourish.”

MIRICO’s £3.5 million investment was secured from a combination of its existing investors, including, Longwall Ventures ECF, STFC Innovation Ltd, UK Innovation and Science Seed Fund (UKi2S) and a new investor Foresight Williams Technology EIS Fund.

Find out more about MIRICO on their website.


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Last updated: 30 April 2018


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