Congratulations to laser trio for Nobel Prize for Physics

3 October 2018


(Credit: Johan Jarnestad / The Royal Academy of Sciences)

Researchers at STFC’s Central Laser Facility have congratulated the three winners of this year’s Nobel Prize for Physics: Arthur Ashkin, Donna Strickland and Gérard Mourou.

Dr Emma Springate is the Artemis Group Leader, and said: “I vividly remember reading Donna Strickland and Gerard Mourou’s (research) paper during my first year as a PhD student. The journal was unusual at the time in listing author’s full names, so it was the first time I realised that this hugely significant laser had been built by a woman – also while she was a PhD student. It made a big impression on me. I met Donna Strickland for the first time only a few years ago, and she is very down-to-earth. I hope she realises what a huge impact she has had on me and many other women in the field.”

CLF Director Professor John Collier said: "We are delighted that a Nobel Prize has been awarded for the invention of laser techniques that have fundamentally shaped how our lasers here at CLF operate. Arthur Ashkin, Donna Strickland and Gérard Mourou's work changed the face of high power lasers everywhere."

You can read the full citation from the Nobel Committee here.

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