Large and Small Award Schemes

  • The Small Award Scheme (for amounts ranging from £500 - £10,000)
  • The Large Award Scheme (for amounts up to £100,000)

Membership of award panels

  • Small and Large Awards Panel membership

Funding from research grants

The Council continues to encourage research grant-holders to spend up to 1% of grant funds on 'public understanding' work, which has to be found from savings. University Departments can combine funds from different grants. Typical usage is for research scientists' personal 'public understanding' work (e.g. talks to the public or schools, Website describing research), encouraging them to promote current front-line research to wider audiences.

Other funding opportunities

In addition to the Awards schemes, there are a number of other 'public understanding' funding opportunities supported by the Council.

Last updated: 14 May 2018

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