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Regional innovation is a key driver for UK economic growth

Confirm UK Science and Innovation Audits

Aerial view of Harwell Campus
(Credit: STFC)

22 September 2017

STFC has taken part in two Science and Innovation Audits (SIA) published for the regions of Liverpool City and Oxfordshire.  The reports confirm the significant role of regional innovation in strengthening the future national economy.

Commissioned by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), the SIAs map out local research, innovation and infrastructure strengths across the UK and identify areas of potential global competitive advantage. They provide an evidence base for decision making to ensure investment is properly targeted and uncovers opportunities for businesses to tap into helping strengthen future bids for local investment.

Findings of the Oxfordshire SIA conclude that the county – and the UK – can become a ‘global leader’ through the areas of digital health, space-led data applications, autonomous vehicles, and technologies underpinning quantum computing. By being the lead UK region for these four science and innovation areas, Oxfordshire has the ability to help strengthen the future national economy. The report suggests that, if fully-utilised, these technologies could be worth in the region of £180billion to the UK economy by 2030 – around six per cent of the global economy in these technologies. Oxfordshire is home to Europe’s largest space cluster, which includes the Satellite Applications Catapult and STFC’s RAL Space. Find the full press release and link to the Oxfordshire Transformative Technologies Alliance report here.

Daresbury Campus

Aerial view of Sci-Tech Daresbury campus
(Credit: Suave Aerial Photographers)

Findings for The Liverpool City Region SIA confirm that collaborations, investments and interventions can drive the City Region’s ambitions to be at the forefront of innovation-driven economic growth.  It identifies three focal areas where the City Region can be world-leading based on world class research, industry capabilities and innovation assets. These are materials chemistry, the region’s position as an international centre of excellence in tackling infectious diseases, and high performance & cognitive computing. The report pays special reference to the high performance computing capabilities and expertise at STFC’s Hartree Centre at Sci-Tech Daresbury, in partnership with IBM and its ‘Watson’ platofrm, as a significant asset to the region. Find the full press release and link to the Liverpool City Region+ report here.

Further information on the Government’s Science and Innovation Audits.

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