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Update on Balance of Programme (Skills) review

26 June 2017

STFC is currently reviewing its skills programme to identify an appropriate balance of activities and funding for the next five years.

In May 2017, community input was sought through STFC’s Advisory Panels and an external review panel met this month to consider these inputs alongside core strategic and financial information for each skills area. The panel will seek additional information over the coming months, again through STFC Advisory Panels.

The review will inform STFC’s long-term planning process and is expected to report in Autumn 2017. The review covers formal, funded training and engagement schemes in five skills areas: graduate trainees, apprenticeships, studentships, fellowships and public engagement.

STFC introduced a new process to evaluate its core programme in 2015, with a rolling cycle of research, skills and innovation programme reviews (called ‘Balance of Programme’ reviews) now being conducted annually.

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