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Teaching resources

Full teacher handbook (PDF, 20,590 KB)

Note: on the powerpoints, teachers need to click 'enable external content' when the prompt box comes up.

Lesson plans, activities and links

Ages 5-7

Activity 1 lesson plan

Introducing the Apollo missions and getting students to think about what they would need to survive to the Moon.

Ages 7-11

Activity 5 lesson plan

Setting the scene for the study of the Lunar Discs, and getting students to think about the contexts and history leading to the collection of the Lunar samples in the loan boxes.

Activity 6 lesson plan

Students will learn a bit more about the Apollo missions and what the Astronauts did at the landing sites.

Activity 7 lesson plan

Pupils will learn about where meteorites come from, how they form and what the different classifications of meteorites are.

Ages 11-14

Activity 13 lesson plan

Designed to introduce students to the Apollo missions and set the scene for the Lunar samples by investigating the landing sites where some of the samples in the Lunar disk came from.

Activity 14 lesson plan

Students will consider the differences in gravity between the Earth and the Moon and the meaning of mass, weight and gravity.


2012 edition resources
These are the materials that were developed as part of the 2012 rewrite of the resources. These include a range of activities linked to the topics in the current resources.

Down2Earth website
A project run by the Faulkes Telescope Project, this website contains a huge number of classroom activities that tie in very well to the “Borrow The Moon” Loan Boxes. These include many written to utilise the powerful impact simulator on the website. Resources are available in English or Welsh.

Geology.com meteorite resources
A good set of resources detailing how to identify meteorites and giving information about the different types of meteorites.

Exploring the Moon Educator Guide (NASA)
An exhaustive set of resources across the entire school age range covering problem solving, communication skills and teamwork.

Display materials and additional guides

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