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Basalt (Earth rock) virtual gallery

3D view of the Basalt rock

Click the animated image to open the 3D viewer

Basalt is an extrusive igneous rock formed by the rapid cooling of lava. This Earth rock has been included because it is an analogue (meaning it can be considered a “stand in” or a very similar type of rock) for the basalt that has been discovered on the Moon. That the Moon is mainly made of anorthosite and basalt suggests that not only was it once volcanic (the Moon’s Mares, or ‘seas’ contain fewer craters since they were filled with volcanic lava), but also that the Moon was originally part of our planet.

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3D viewer

Click the animated image to open the Basalt 3D viewer. This allows you to rotate the Basalt rock, move it around, zoom in and out, measure the size and more.

Black set

Blue set

Green set

Grey set

Red set

Yellow set

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