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Campo del Cielo Iron Meteorite virtual gallery

3D view of the Campo del Cielo meteorite

Click the animated image to open the 3D viewer

These samples are from a group of iron meteorites that were found about 1000 km Northwest of Buenos Aires in Argentina. Records exist as far back as 1576 for these meteorites, when one of the governors of a province in Argentina sent his men on a search for a huge mass of iron. The natives had been using this iron for their weapons, and claimed that it had fallen from the sky, which is where the name comes from: Campo del Cielo meaning “Field of Heaven”.

On the surface of these iron meteorites you can see thumb-print like features called “regmaglypts” which formed when material on the surface of the meteorite was ablated away as it passed through the Earth’s atmosphere.

All images on this page are credit to National Space Centre unless otherwise stated.

3D viewer

Click the animated image to open the Campo del Cielo 3D viewer. This allows you to rotate the meteorite, move it around, zoom in and out, measure the size and more.

Black set

Blue set

Green set

Grey set

Red set

Yellow set

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Last updated: 01 November 2018


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