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Sahara Chondrite Meteorite virtual gallery

3D view of the Sahara Chondrite meteorite

Click the animated image to open the 3D viewer

These meteorites were discovered in the Sahara desert and are part of a huge strewn field (the area over which fragments of a larger meteorite have fallen). Meteorites from this region are often named with the designation “NWA” which stands for North West Africa. Although some NWA meteorites are further identified with classification numbers (such as the Martian Shergottite Meteorite samples in the loan box), these samples are otherwise unclassified and considered to be “ordinary” chondrite meteorites.

On the samples in the loan boxes you can see evidence of a fusion crust, and in some, where the surface is chipped, you can make out some of the small chondrules within. It is weakly magnetic and may show a few rust spots on the outside, indicating the iron content within.

All images on this page are credit to National Space Centre unless otherwise stated.

3D viewer

Click the animated image to open the Sahara Chondrite 3D viewer. This allows you to rotate the meteorite, move it around, zoom in and out, measure the size and more.

Black set

Blue set

Green set

Grey set

Red set

Yellow set

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