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Visit Daresbury Laboratory

There are lots of opportunities to come and visit us at the Daresbury Laboratory (DL) – whether it's for one of our fascinating lectures (Talking Science series of free lectures), public access day, workshops or for a stargazing event.

Next Public Access Day - 29 July 2017

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Public Access Days at Daresbury Laboratory are a fantastic way to see behind-the-scenes at our world class facilities, speak to the scientists and engineers who work here and learn about how we study the world around us.

In collaboration with the Engineering Open House Day initiative on Saturday 29th July we are opening up our engineering facilities to run tours, a science fair of engineering demonstrations and interactives alongside activities and a public talk that will be provided by our special guests Bloodhound SSC.

Bloodhound SSC

(Credit: Bloodhound SSC)

This event is being sponsored by the Liverpool City Region apprenticeship Hub as part of their ESFA funded Employees Support in Skills project.

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(Credit: ESF / Apprenticeship Hub / Liverpool City Region)

This Half Day Event is for family bookings only, all children must be accompanied by an adult. Family tickets are limited and places will be allocated on a first come - first served basis, we will hold names on a waiting list so if you book and are unable to attend for whatever reason, please could you let a member of our team know so that we can offer the tickets to other families on our waiting list!

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Please note - you must have a valid ticket in order to attend this event. Unfortunately if you do not have a ticket when you arrive, our Security Team will turn you away and you will not be able to gain access to the site.

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Our restaurant will be open from noon until 14:00 if you would like to buy lunches before/after your half day experience.


This is a timetabled ticketed event, please arrive onsite ready for your allocated start time - we'd hate for your group to start without you. It does not matter where your allocated Start Point is - the event will run for 4 hours and include all of the following:

Family talk

Family talk
(Credit: STFC)

Be part of our Interactive Family Talk: Bloodhound SSC - Building a car to break the Land Speed Record 1000mph!

This family orientated talk will take a look at the history of Land Speed Record cars and provide an overview of the Bloodhound story. You will see some footage of previous Land Speed Record events and a look behind the scenes in building Bloodhound SSC and its key components including the jet engine, hybrid rocket, 3D printing technology. You will be able to see how STEM is a theme running through all the technology we use, activities we do and the job opportunities available.

Bloodhound SSC model

Full size Bloodhound SSC model
(Credit: Bloodhound SSC)

Explore more for yourself with this full size Bloodhound SSC model!

You will have a mini-tour around the Bloodhound Education Car, a full-size replica of Bloodhound SSC, through an ‘interactive guided tour’ of the car and its components. You will be able to observe and understand the design challenges and science that goes into designing and building a 1,000mph car. In addition, you will have an opportunity to explore key components such as the model of the hybrid rocket, wheel, steering wheel, and a 3D printed display.

Rocket car experience

Rocket car experience
(Credit: Bloodhound SSC)

Design, build, test and modify your very own Bloodhound SSC air powered rocket car!

You will work in teams to design, build, test and modify an air powered rocket car using K’nex! The finished product is required to travel in a straight line as far as possible. You will make informed and appropriate decisions about the size and shape of your car, its wheels and the method you will use to secure the rocket that will power it. The session will end with a race for the fastest car. Cars will be the launched using an air-powered launcher and the Team with the fastest car each day will get their Team Name on Bloodhound SSC!

Daresbury Laboratory Science Fair

Daresbury Laboratory Science Fair
(Credit: STFC)

Have a go at some cool technology demos with our staff and apprentices in the Daresbury Laboratory Science Fair!

Members of staff from Daresbury Laboratory will be running stalls showcasing our science and technology stories using hands on demonstrations and interactive activities! The Science Fair will also feature a Careers and Apprentice Hub to enable you to find out about careers and opportunities in engineering both here at Daresbury Laboratory and throughout the Liverpool City Region.

DL's Particle Accelerator Engineering Facilities

Daresbury's Particle Accelerator Engineering Facilities
(Credit: STFC)

Tour Daresbury’s amazing Particle Accelerator Engineering Facilities!

Our Scientists, engineers and apprentices will be running tours of our engineering facilities. You will have an opportunity to see some of our International Engineering Projects and gain access to our Particle Accelerator Construction Areas!

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