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Daresbury Talking Science 2018-19
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Public Engagement with science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) has always been important to us, and we love to talk about our world leading research, together with the impact science has on the world around us.

In order to do this, we host a monthly programme of fascinating public talks at Daresbury Laboratory called Talking Science. Our aims are to inspire and involve you, the public and schools in STEM. This year Daresbury are delighted to be celebrating 20 years of this popular series.

From September 2018 to June 2019 we will be taking our talks off campus and out into the local region whilst we have our lecture theatre refurbished (where the talks are normally held). What better way to celebrate our twentieth year than to bring Talking Science out to you! Please visit our website when you book to find out where each talk will be held and to get travel information for the different venues.

We do hope you can join us in finding out more about some of the amazing science and research that is currently happening in the world around us, from the deepest reaches of our oceans to the origins of our universe!

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The dates for each talk are listed in the online leaflet. Bookings open six weeks prior to the date the talks take place.

In the event that you have booked but are unable to attend a lecture or do not require your full allocation of tickets, please cancel your tickets on Eventbrite as follows:

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Or if you prefer, please notify us by email.

Please note: if a lecture is shown as fully booked, Eventbrite can place you on the reserve list, if tickets become available you will receive a notification by email.

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22 February 2019 7:00 - 8:00pm

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Electrifying the voice

Prof. Trevor Cox
Location: Pyramid & Parr Hall, Palmyra Square Square, Warrington, WA1 1BL


If you’ve ever felt the shock of listening to a recording of your own voice, you realise how important your voice is to your personal identity. We judge others, not just by their words but by the way they talk: their intonation, their pitch, their accent. Join Professor of Acoustics Trevor Cox, as he explores the most exquisite musical instrument: the human voice. Talking comes naturally to most of us so it is easy to overlook how truly remarkable the voice is. Mixing scientific analysis with musical interludes, Trevor will explore the workings of the voice and how it can be adapted to different styles. In particular, Trevor will focus on how technology has changed the way people sing and the stage craft of actors.

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Penguin Books - Now You're Talking, Trevor Cox

University of Salford - Acoustics, Audio and Video

Parr Hall - What's On

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7 March 2019 7:00pm, audience 12+

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Dying to be beautiful

Dr Kathryn Harkup
Location: The Lecture Theatre at The Heath Conferencing Centre, The Heath Business and Technical Park, Runcorn, Cheshire, WA7 4NH


Following on from the success of one of Kathryn’s previous talks at Daresbury called “A is for Arsenic”, we have now invited her back for another exciting talk based on Fatal Attractions. Join chemist and author Kathryn Harkup as she takes us on a journey throughout history where humans have sought to embellish and augment their physical appearance. As fashions change new contraptions, cosmetics and costumes are devised. There has often been little regard given to comfort and well-being when it comes to the body beautiful, and as this talk illustrates, some fashions can be fatal.

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23 April 2019 7:00 - 8:00pm

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On you, inside you: the amazing and horrible world of parasites

Location: Widnes Viking Rugby Stadium, Widnes, Cheshire, WA8 7DZ
Prof. Sheena Cruikshank


Parasites are the most common form of cellular life on our planet and can be defined as organisms that live in or on us, taking from us without giving anything back. Everything from mammals, insects to plants can be infected by parasites- so parasites are incredibly successful. They can hide from our body’s defences and may even change the behaviour of some of the animals they infect. They are also important as not only can they cause terrible diseases but they can be critical elements of food webs and contribute to biodiversity. Find out how parasites are so successful and how new scientific methods, that help us visualise parasites, are helping us unlock even more of their secrets.

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Prof. Sheena Cruikshank


Future talks

Date Time Title / Presenter(s)
2 & 3 April 2019  2pm Science of the Circus
    Dr Ken Farqhuar, Science Presenter
11 April 2019 2pm  Deep ocean lab
    Greg Foot, Science Presenter
1 May 2019  7pm  How do we know anything? And how can we know things better?
    Dr Michael de Podesta, National Physical Laboratory
7 June 2019  7pm Characterizing the nano-world: materials through the eyes of electrons
    Prof. Quentin Ramasse and Demie Kepaptsoglou, SuperSTEM (EPSRC)

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