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Talking Science at Daresbury Laboratory

Public Engagement with science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) has always been important to us, and we love to talk about our world leading research, together with the impact science has on the world around us.

In order to do this, we host a monthly programme of fascinating public talks at Daresbury Laboratory called Talking Science. Our aim is to inspire and involve you, the public and schools in STEM. Last year Daresbury was delighted to celebrate 20 years of this popular series.

From September 2018 to June 2019 we took our talks off campus and out into the local region whilst we had our lecture theatre refurbished (where the talks are normally held). What better way to celebrate our twentieth year than to take Talking Science out to the communities!

This year we are back at Daresbury Laboratory with an exciting new programme of talks for 2019/20. So we do hope you can join us in finding out more about some of the amazing science and research that is currently happening in the world around us, from future missions to the moon to the rock guitar in 11 dimensions, there is something in the series for everyone!

Future talks


Rock guitar in 11 dimensions

13 January 2020, 19:00 - 20:00 , suitable for age 11+
Location: Daresbury Laboratory, Keckwick Lane, Daresbury, WA4 4AD
Speaker: Dr Mark Lewney, Famelab winner and guitar pysicist

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What causes the revolutionary, history-changing sound of rock guitar, and how does it help us to understand the nature of the stuff we’re made of? Famelab winner Mark Lewney explains the physics of rock using riffs from Vivaldi to AC/DC, explains the secret of the Stradivarius, and shows how string vibrations might lie at the heart of the ‘big questions’ about the Universe.

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Dr Mark Lewney Dr Mark Lewney
(Credit: Dr Mark Lewney)

Characterising the nano-world: materials through the eyes of electrons

6 February 2020, 19:00 - 20:00 , suitable for age 11+
Location: Daresbury Laboratory, Keckwick Lane, Daresbury, WA4 4AD
Speakers: Professor Quentin Ramasse, Demie Kepaptsoglou SuperSTEM (EPSRC) and Mike Dixon Hitachi High-Technologies (Europe)

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We live in a material world. From stone and iron to plastic, human history and civilisation have always been closely intertwined with the understanding, harnessing and manipulation of matter. But never have our daily lives depended more on materials than in the modern era. New material growth techniques are used to build materials literally one atom at the time. Electron microscopy lies at the heart of new materials research by using electrons that can magnify materials more than 10 million times. This technique enables researchers to gain unprecedented understanding and insight into the properties of materials, paving new ways for atomic material design.

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Professor Quentin Ramasse Professor Quentin Ramasse
(Credit: STFC)

The physics of Star Wars

19 March 2020, 19:00 - 20:00 , suitable for age 12+
Location: Daresbury Laboratory, Keckwick Lane, Daresbury, WA4 4AD
Speakers: Professor Carsten Welsch, University of Liverpool / Cockcroft Institute

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More than 40 years ago, on 25 May 1977, Star Wars began its world-wide success story with the first movie being launched at 32 cinemas in the USA. We will be discussing what is science and what is fiction in the Star Wars movies. This will include the physics behind the famous light sabers, hyperspace, and of course...the force. We will also link the Star Wars universe to current research into particle accelerators and show how this can be (at least) as exciting as what is shown in Star Wars. There will also be hands-on activities and opportunities to speak with our researchers. Disclaimer: This is not an official Disney/Lucasfilm event.

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Prof Carsten Welsch Professor Carsten Welsch
(Credit: Professor Carsten Welsch)

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