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1.2 General Understandings

  • Proposals are accepted and research grants awarded on the understanding that Research Organisations and grant holders agree to observe the terms and conditions set out in this document and any amendments issued during the currency of the research grant.
  • The same proposal should not be submitted for consideration by more than one Research Council (RC). Applicants should ensure they submit their proposal to the most appropriate RC only. If a proposal crosses the remit of two or more RCs you should contact the RC which you consider the most relevant for advice. Applicants should not submit proposals to different STFC calls as this will result in parallel processing of the same or substantially similar proposals, which is not allowed.
  • Under no circumstances should applicants receive duplicate funding for the same or similar proposal from more than one funding agency. We cannot prohibit the submission of the same or similar proposals to other funding agencies (outside of the RCs), but applicants must add details of similar proposal that have been submitted to other funding organisations to the “Other Support” section of the STFC application and advise STFC if a successful funding decision is made by the other funding agency.
  • A condition of every research grant is that the Research Councils accept no liability for the manner in which the work in connection with the research grant is undertaken, and the Research Organisation and grant holder will be responsible in all respects for the work and the consequences of it.
  • The Research Organisation must ensure that any part of the full economic cost (fEC) of the project not funded by the Research Council is committed to the project before it starts.
  • The Research Councils’ Code of Conduct and Policy on the Governance of Good Research Conduct outlines the expectation that applicants for Research Council funding are expected to observe the highest standards of integrity, honesty and professionalism and to embed good practice in every aspect of their work. As part of this, any private, personal or commercial interests relating to an application for funding to the Research Councils must be declared in a covering letter included as an application attachment. Guidance on providing declarations of interest can be found on the UK Research and Innovation website.

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