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2.1 Eligibility of subject area

  • Proposals for research grants must fall within the remit of STFC.
  • The STFC Programme remit covers the following core subject areas:
    • Particle Physics
    • Astronomy
    • Particle Astrophysics
    • Solar and Planetary Science
    • Nuclear Physics
    • Accelerator Science
    • Research that seeks to transfer the skills, techniques and technologies developed within the core areas (as above) into other areas
  • Potential applicants should seek advice from STFC well in advance of submitting a proposal if they are unsure about the relevance of their research grant proposal to STFC's area of research. If applicants are unsure whether their proposals cover the area of STFC remit, please contact STFC via email.
  • Where a proposal is received that does not address STFC's area of science, it may be referred, in consultation with the Principal Investigator, to a more appropriate Research Council.
  • Where a proposal may be considered cross disciplinary within STFC, please see the guidance on the application procedure.
  • Please see the UK Research and Innovation website for guidance on where a proposal may be considered as cross council.

Science and Technology Facilities Council Switchboard: 01793 442000