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5.1 Applying for Funding using the Je-S system

  • Research proposal submissions should be made electronically, using the Je-S system.
  • Using Je-S, researchers and administrators can prepare research grant and fellowship proposals on-line. It is also possible to download a proposal for off-line working, uploading the completed proposal prior to submission.
  • To apply using the Je-S system, organisations and applicants must be registered users. Organisations must be registered before individuals can register as a user. The user must select their own user ID and password during the registration process.
  • Further information and guidance on the Je-S system is available in the Research Administration Programme web site. It is also possible to access the system's help text from the Je-S login screen.
  • The Je-S Helpdesk can assist with queries regarding the issue of user IDs and passwords, or navigation of the system. If you need any help, advice, or are having technical difficulties, please contact the Helpdesk.
  • The Je-S Helpdesk can be contacted by telephone on (01793) 444164 or by emailing JesHelp.
  • The Helpdesk is manned Monday to Thursday between 8:30am and 5pm (except for Bank Holidays) and 8:30am to 4:30pm on Friday. Voice mail operates outside of these hours.
  • All proposals must be accompanied by a Case for Support. Other supporting documents may also be required and further guidance and information can be found in the appropriate grant call on the STFC web site.
  • When preparing any proposal for a STFC Research Grant, please take account of the closing date for the call to which you are applying.

Science and Technology Facilities Council Switchboard: 01793 442000