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6.1 Assessment Criteria

Applicants should note that research grant panels will judge the proposal against the following key assessment categories (applicants should also refer to the guidelines for the scheme for which they are applying for further details as there may be variations according to the nature of the scheme/call):

Category 1. Absolute pre-requisite, without which an application will not be recommended for funding:

  • Scientific excellence: specific objectives of the project.
  • International competitiveness.
  • Strategic value within the STFC programme.

Category 2. Supporting evidence

Supporting evidence which increases the confidence in a successful outcome. Where any of these are not met the risk and any proposed remedial or mitigation action must be identified. Where any criteria are not met any recommendation for funding would be subjected to close scrutiny by STFC. If approved for funding, STFC is likely to make an award contingent on remedial action to address the concerns highlighted before funds are committed.

  • Productivity of Investigator.
  • Productivity of grant supported staff (where relevant).
  • Quality of leadership/management.
  • Suitability of Institution/Group.

Category 3. Important additional criteria, the opportunities and plans for which must be addressed in the application.

  • Potential for economic impact.
  • Quality of Pathways to Impact section (where applicable).
  • Applicants are advised to consult the guidance on the above for further information.

Category 4. Ensuring that the health and critical mass in key instrument/construction groups is maintained (Consolidated grants only)

  • Sustainability (of key instrument/construction groups).

In addition, proposals seeking studentship support will be assessed on:

  • Whether the studentship project provides a sound training in research methods and techniques.
  • The broader skills training available to the student.
  • The quality of the studentship project and how it adds value overall to the research proposal.

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