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7.1 Research Governance

  • It is the responsibility of the Research Organisation to ensure that the research is organised and undertaken within a framework of best practice that recognises the various factors that may influence or impact on a research project.
  • Research grants are awarded to Research Organisations on the understanding that both the Research Organisation and the investigator(s) will comply with the standard terms and conditions governing research grants.
  • STFC may also attach additional conditions to any research grant it awards.
  • The Research Organisation is required to employ the same methods to secure economy and efficiency with research council funds as are practised for projects financed from Higher Education Funding Council funds. Any instruction or guidance issued by the Funding Councils for the management and control of funds should be followed.
  • STFC regards the Research Organisation as the employer and, as such, the Research Organisation is responsible for the contracts of employment, of staff employed on research grants and consequently for their health and safety and for any redundancy or other compensatory payments which may arise.
  • The Research Organisation must provide research staff with a statement at the outset of their employment, setting out the provisions for career management and development, including personal skills training, and ensure that they have access to appropriate training opportunities.
  • The Research Organisation should ensure that all necessary permissions are obtained before research begins, and that there is clarity of role and responsibility among the research team and with any collaborators.
  • STFC expects research to be conducted in accordance with the highest standards of research integrity and research methodology.

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