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7.11 Transfer of a Grant Between Research Organisations in the UK

If a Principal Investigator takes up an appointment at another Research Organisation, the balance of the funds remaining on a research grant held by the investigator at the time of the move can normally be transferred to that new Research Organisation, provided that:

  • the new Research Organisation is eligible to hold research grants and offers a suitable environment to enable the project to be successfully completed and for the continued career development of the contract research staff involved (see The Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers, section C)
  • in the case of a research grant held by more than one investigator, the original aims of the project can still be achieved on a split site arrangement
  • notice is given well in advance, and the heads of departments and the administrative authorities of both Research Organisations concerned agree in writing to the proposed arrangement. The transfer request should be submitted via the Je-S maintenance facility in the first instance
  • if suitable arrangements cannot be agreed, STFC will consider withdrawing its offer of support or terminating the grant
  • if a Co-Investigator takes up an appointment at another Research Organisation, part of the balance of the funds remaining may be transferred, as a grant to the new Research Organisation, on the same conditions as above and, additionally, with the agreement of the Principal Investigator
  • if either the Principal Investigator or any Co-Investigator of a consolidated grant transfers to a different research organisation, part of the balance of the funds remaining on the existing grant, and specific to that Investigator’s project, may again be transferred as a new grant to the new research organisation, on the same conditions as above. Where the Principal Investigator transfers to another Research Organisation, a suitable replacement PI must be identified and appointed to the existing grant with the agreement of STFC. For a transfer of this nature, STFC would expect the balance of all remaining funds at the time of transfer, relating to the specific project/post being transferred, to be awarded as a grant to the new Research Organisation. If such an agreement between the Research Organisations cannot be reached, and in exceptional circumstances, STFC may consider a partial transfer of the funds related to the project/post
  • the research grant will not be re-costed on transfer. The unspent balance of Directly Incurred and Exceptions, together with a pro rata share of Directly Allocated and Indirect Costs, will be transferred to the new host Research Organisation. The receiving organisation will be required to confirm, by return of the offer acceptance, that it will provide any balance of resources needed to complete the project
  • guidance on making a post award change can be found on the UKRI website.

Last updated: 06 July 2018


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