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7.12 Transfer of a grant to another European country

Transfers of funds into other European countries is permitted under the Money Follows Researcher scheme, and allows researchers to take the remainder of their research grant to European countries where the Research Funding Organisation has signed up to the scheme. This applies only to research grants: Fellowships are excluded from the scheme. The balance of the directly incurred funds remaining on a research grant, excluding equipment, can normally be transferred to the new Research Organisation provided that:

  • The Research Organisation to which the funds are proposed to be transferred must be an organisation equivalent to a UK HEI and must be fully Je-S registered. The request to transfer must be made a minimum of six months before the end of the grant.
  • The new Research Organisation should enable the project to be successfully completed. The PI will need to make a scientific case, providing assurance to Councils that the science will not be impaired by the transfer. The case should also include the impact on any staff supported by the grant, whether they intend to move with the grant or not.
  • Both the original UK Research Organisation and the Research Organisation to which the grant is being moved confirm their agreement to the transfer.

The research grant will not be re-costed on transfer, and directly allocated, indirect and associated studentship costs will not be transferred. Payments will be made to the new research organisation on the same basis as UK-based grants, normally quarterly.

For further information please see the UK Research and Innovation Website.

Last updated: 10 January 2019


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