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7.14 Changes to the Research Project

  • STFC normally expects a project funded by a research grant to continue until the end of the period for which the award was made.
  • STFC must be consulted in the event of any major change in the proposed research, including failure to gain access to research facilities or services that make it unlikely that the objectives of the research will be achieved. If appropriate, revised proposals may be required, but STFC reserves the right to make a new grant in place of the existing grant, or to revise, retain or terminate the existing grant.
  • In the event of early termination or reduction in value, no liability for payment or redundancy or any other compensatory payment for the dismissal of staff funded by the grant will be accepted, but, subject to the provisions of GC16, negotiations will be held with regard to other contractual commitments and concerning the disposal of assets acquired under the research grants.
  • Grants terminated within six months of the original end date will not suffer a reduction in payment of Estates and Indirect Costs, but Investigators' costs and Other Directly Allocated costs will be reduced pro rata. For grants terminated at an earlier stage, all Directly Allocated and Indirect costs will be reduced proportionately.
  • It is the responsibility of the Research Organisation to manage the resources on the grant, including the staff, and the STFC need not be consulted if staffing levels on the grant are changed. However, a proportionate reduction should be made in the value of Estates, Indirect Costs and Infrastructure Technicians claimed by the Research Organisation in the following circumstances:
    • A post that attracts these costs is not filled
    • A staff member who attracts these costs leaves more than six months before the end of the period for which the post was funded and is either not replaced, or is replaced by a category of staff that does not attract the costs e.g. associated student or technician
  • Where STFC adds an additional funding stream to take account of new circumstances e.g. change in programme, the Research Organisation will be sent an e-mail notifying them of the additional funds and their purpose.

Last updated: 10 January 2019


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