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7.15 End of a Research Grant

  • When a research grant ends, the Research Organisation is required to complete a Final Expenditure Statement within three months of the end date of the research grant.
  • The Final Expenditure Statement will be issued through the Je-S system on the end date of the research grant for completion by the due date stated.
  • The expenditure statements (final and interim) will declare the Directly Incurred and Exceptions costs of the project and the Research Council share, calculated using the percentage contribution rate in place at the time of the grant announcement.
  • The Final Expenditure Statement must provide full details of how the funds awarded on the research grant have been spent and under which headings. Research Organisations are encouraged to report on the total costs, including any overspends, directly incurred on the grant wherever practicable, though this is not a formal requirement. In the reconciliation process, the Research Council will pay the remaining Directly Incurred and Exceptions costs due, not including any overspends.
  • For the Directly Allocated and Indirect Costs headings, the Research Council will pay the amount shown as spent, within the cash limit subject to the provisions in section 7.15.
  • Once a Final Expenditure Statement has been submitted and the final payment made to the Research Organisation, no further payments will be made on that research grant.
  • Failure to submit the Final Expenditure Statement within the period allowed may result in financial sanctions to the final total expenditure of the research grant award as declared on the Final Expenditure Statement. Please see section 7.18 regarding sanctions for details.
  • Research Organisations registered for Je-S can check due dates for interim and final expenditure statements through the status reporting facility.

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