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7.17 Sanctions

STFC reserves the right to impose financial sanctions where it identifies areas of non compliance in relation to the terms and conditions of grants. Further details are available on the assurance requirements of the Research Councils.

  • If the Final Expenditure Statement is not submitted within the period allowed, the final total of the research grant may be abated by 20%.
  • STFC may recover 100% of the total final value of the research grant if the Final Expenditure Statement has not been submitted within six months of the end date of the research grant.
  • In addition, failure to complete the annual ResearchFish return by the stated deadline will incur a sanction on the individual PI preventing them from applying for new funding along with suspension of payments for existing grants which have not been reported on.
  • In relation to the current Quality Assurance and validation project for TRAC implementation in universities, the STFC reserves the right to apply sanctions of 75% of the non-compliant rate where an institution is found to be using rates which are materially inaccurate (>10% variance on any single rate). These sanctions would only apply to future applications although STFC may exercise a higher sanction where there has been evidence of significant overpayments to a research organisation based on inaccurate rates.

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