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7.8 Travel and Subsistence

  • Travel and subsistence funds may only be used for projects supported by the grant, and not for purposes unrelated to the grant. The allocation for travel and subsistence is primarily for use by the named investigator(s) and staff that are supported by the research grant although other individuals contributing to the aims of the project may, if the PI agrees, make use of the travel and subsistence funds awarded. However, the funds may not be used to support a researcher visiting the institution from elsewhere in the UK or abroad. Funds for this purpose may be sought by applying for a Visiting Researcher. Please see section 5.2.8 for more details.
  • Provision for conference attendance, not requested at the time of application, may be made from this heading.
  • All travel claims should evidence value for money as the primary consideration. Consequently, these should only include travel by standard class by train and economy class by air for flights (Economy Plus for long haul). Any exception should be clearly justified and approved within the terms of the RO policy. However where there is a medical reason that requires the individual to travel business class, the individual must seek approval prior to the travel being booked.

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