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8.1 Exploitation Arrangements

  • It is STFC policy that any potentially valuable intellectual property obtained in the course of research grant supported research, whether patentable or not, should be actively exploited for the benefit of society and the UK's economic competitiveness. Where conditions permit, arrangements should be made to secure a suitable return to the Research Organisation.
  • STFC will not normally make a claim to the intellectual property arising from the research it supports and, unless specifically stated when the formal announcement of a research grant is made to the Research Organisation, the intellectual property arising from STFC's research grants is vested initially in the Research Organisation. The Research Organisation may choose to retain these intellectual property rights or assign them to a third party under an exploitation agreement.
  • It is the responsibility of the Research Organisation and all engaged in the research for which funds and resources have been provided by STFC to make every effort to ensure that any potentially valuable results obtained in the course of the research are exploited and that there is a suitable return to the Research Organisation and its researchers from any such exploitation.
  • The Research Organisation is expected to ensure that all those associated with the research are aware of, and accept, its procedures for the notification of any result which may have commercial significance and make appropriate protection arrangements in good time before publication or other disclosure.
  • The Research Organisation is required to ensure that they have in place suitable arrangements, and support for the:
    • Identification and assessment of potentially exploitable intellectual property
    • Protection of intellectual property
    • Reward of individual investigators
    • Exploitation, take up by industry or new commercial ventures
  • The Follow on Fund aims to support the commercialisation of research ideas and provides funds to enable these ideas to be brought to a stage where commercial opportunities can be secured.

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