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We've tried to make the on-line Research Grant Handbook easy to use and navigate. To help you find the information you're after, the handbook contains the following features:


Main sections are listed in the left-hand column on the page; click on a section to go there. When you are in a section the right hand-column contains a list of sub-sections, which can be accessed by clicking on the links.

You can page through sections using the pagination buttons at the bottom of each page.

The 'Research Grants Handbook' link in the breadcrumb will take you to the handbook introduction.

Quick Links

The right-hand column of each page contains several navigation options:

  • Using the Handbook: guidance on using the handbook
  • Contacts: STFC contact points for further help/guidance, or to make comments about the handbook
  • Je-S Login: takes you to the Je-S System login page
  • About Je-S: takes you to the Je-S System help and guidance page

Paragraph numbering

All sections and sub-sections are numbered. Within (sub)sections, paragraphs are also numbered to allow precise referencing, although by default these numbers are not shown to improve page clarity.


See our Accessibility Statement for details of access keys, etc.

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