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HIPPA - High Intensity Pulsed Proton Accelerator

HIPPAs have many possible applications including drivers for spallation neutron sources, neutrino factories, nuclear waste transmutation and tritium production. These applications typically require beam powers of 5 MW, well above the highest beam power achieved from any pulsed proton accelerator in routine operation today.

The UK's commitment to the development of the next generation of HIPPAs covers all aspects of the accelerator design, including study of advanced techniques and different types of accelerating structures. Experimental R&D is illustrated by the Front-End Test Stand (FETS) being constructed at RAL in collaboration with Imperial College London and the University of Warwick.

FETS is aimed at solving the problems faced by all HIPPA designs in creating a beam of suitable quality in the early stages of the acceleration process. By demonstrating the production of high current, low energy, chopped proton and H- beams, FETS will open the way for future construction of such high power machines as well as allowing generic experiments exploring a variety of operational regimes.


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