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Neutrino Factory

The Neutrino Factory is a complex of particle accelerators designed to produce intense, focussed beams of neutrinos for research in particle physics. The neutrino beams pass directly through the Earth so as to allow high detection rates at distances as great as 7,000 km. Work within ASTeC has placed the UK at the forefront of Neutrino Factory research worldwide.

The neutrinos are the decay products of intense muon beams. Building on experience with high power proton accelerators, ASTeC, in collaboration with UK universities, has promoted studies of targets, muon capture and cooling, and muon acceleration using a new type of machine called a non-scaling FFAG. An Interim Design Report was published in 2011 and a self-consistent, viable proposal will be presented as a Technical Design Report in 2013.

The facility could be built in stages: for example, incrementally upgrading the ISIS accelerator at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) so as to support neutrino research and at the same time enhance neutron and muon science. The Neutrino Factory itself can be upgraded to a high-energy machine known as the muon collider, going a stage beyond CERN's LHC and extending research opportunities across the whole of particle physics.


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