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Technology Research and Development

In the respective areas of expertise, ASTeC staff are engaged in underpinning accelerator technology R&D programmes, the outcome from which are applied to a range of national and international projects, some applications with direct commercial benefit through industrial collaboration.

The Magnetics and Radiation Sources Group is responsible for development of advanced magnet systems ranging from conventional AC/DC permanent and electromagnets, to complex superconducting helical undulator systems. The group have implemented a state-of-the-art magnet measurement laboratory with a series of high precision magnet qualification test benches.

The Radiofrequency and Diagnostics Group has invested in RF testing and qualification infrastructure for the design, construction and verification of both normal-conducting and superconducting RF accelerating structures, with plans for further development of such capabilities. It also operates advanced instrumentation, laser and cryogenic laboratories, for the development of innovative system designs which can be qualified to high performance prior to implementation into an operating accelerator environment.

The Vacuum Science Group operates advanced facilities for development and testing of UHV and XHV components. The group has provisioned an extensive array of thin film processing and material analysis systems for the development of innovative coating solutions for vacuum components, particularly new high performance Non-Evaporable Getter (NEG) techniques have been demonstrated. In addition, new cleaning methodologies and vacuum pumping system verification is being developed for XHV applications.

All of the respective ASTeC Groups, as well as the Cockcroft Institute University teams utilise this expertise and accelerator support infrastructure to facilitate collaborative programme developments in a wide range of technology applications.


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