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James Webb Space Telescope - Mid Infra-Red Instrument

MIRI being prepared for testing
(Credit: STFC)

The flight model for the Mid Infra-Red Instrument (MIRI) for the James Webb Space Telescope was assembled and tested in the Assembly, Integration and Verification Facility of the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. The RAL team completed testing of the Verification Model (VM) at the end of 2008, successfully demonstrating its performance at the in-orbit operating temperature of just 7K (-266ºC). The tests on the Verification Model also confirmed that the cryogenic test facility was up to the job of testing the Flight Model instrument.

Since completing the VM, the RAL Team has completed the re-build of the Structural/Thermal Model (STM) and has now delivered it to NASA GSFC. The STM will be used by NASA for pre-integration testing with the Integrated Science Instrument Model (ISIM) – the key element of JWST that holds all four instruments in the correct positions.

Space Camera
(Credit: BackstageScience)

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