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SKA – Delivering the Science

Cambridge, 12-13 April 2016

The primary goal of this meeting was to stimulate discussion between the UK science community and the experts involved in the technical work packages for the SKA, especially science data processing. The workshop was aimed at helping UK astronomers to understand the practicalities of their proposed science programmes on the SKA, and to help the technical experts to gain an appreciation of the aspirations and priorities of the science community. The SKA organisation is now making preparations for how Key Science Programmes will be formulated, and decisions on the scope of Regional Processing Centres, so this workshop was particularly timely for UK astronomers for whom the SKA will play a significant role in the coming decade.

Further details on the SKA meeting.

Presentations from the meeting

Primal-dual algorithms for next-generation radio-interferometric imaging Alexandru Onose
SDP Data Products and Rates Rosie Bolton
MIGHTEE: The plan going forward Matt Jarvis
The Science Data Processor and Regional Centre Overview Paul Alexander
SKA – MID Sensitivity Mike Jones
Signal and Data Transport for the SKA Keith Grainge
Techniques and tools for weak lensing with the SKA Michael ‘Jimmy’ Tarr
Deep continuum imaging with LOFAR Wendy Williams
Synergy between intensity mapping, optical and CMB surveys Alkistis Pourtsidou
Calibration of low frequency radio astronomy data on cloud infrastructures Jose Sabater Montes
Plenary discussion day 1 - challenges faced by SDP for imaging  
The SKA imaging and calibration challenge Bojan Nikolic
Data and Analysis Requirements for Precision Cosmology with Radio Weak Lensing Ian Harrison
Maser Discoveries with the SKA Steve Goldman
Machine Learning & Science Data Processing Rob Lyon
Fast imaging for slow transients Anna Scaife
Observation Management In the SKA Observatory Alan Bridger
Fast Transients in the SKA Era Carole Mundell
Wide-field Near-real-time Radio Transient Surveys Kunal Mooley
Karastergiou Karastergiou
Hunting explosive events with the SKA Anthony Rushton
EoR simulation pipeline C. Watkinson
LSST and SKA Bob Mann
Plenary discussion 2 - regional centres discussion points  
Computational synergies between LSST and SKA Bob Mann
21cm predictions in reionization models calibrated with Lya forest data Martin Haehnelt

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