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UK Preparation for Key Science Projects with the Square Kilometre Array

Thursday 8th December, 2016 - University of Bath

The UK SKA Science Committee invited the UK astronomy community to attend a one-day science strategy workshop at the University of Bath on Thurs 8th December, with the goal of supporting the community in preparing for upcoming international SKA Key Science Projects.

The UK is a leading partner in the SKA, which is currently under construction in South Africa and Australia and whose international headquarters are at Jodrell Bank, University of Manchester. Early operations are expected in 2020, with the KSP call expected in 2018.

The workshop consisted of short talks on the current status of the SKA project, UK SKA science, development work needed to ensure UK leadership and the design and possible implementation of the Key Science Projects mechanism.

Significant time was devoted to break-out discussion groups; each group reported back in a closing plenary session at the end of the afternoon with the goal of informing a UK community science priority and funding strategy document for the UK.

The meeting was supported by the University of Bath and STFC.

Presentations from the event

Square Kilometre Array - Exploring the Universe with the worlds largest radio Telescope (Antonio Chrysostomou)

Pinning down the superfluid and neutron star mass using pulsar glitches (Wynn Ho)

Introduction to KSP Discussions (Philip Best)

Learning from the Current Generation: Uncovering the Epoch of Reionisation (Emma Chapman)

SKA HI Key Projects after Herschel (Steve Eales)

Grain Growth & Prebiotic Chemistry with the SKA (Izaskun Jimenez-Serra)

SKA Update (Robert Braun)

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