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UK SKA SC Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference of the UK SKA SC

STFC recognises that transparent communication and close interaction between the broader science community and the SKA Organisation is essential to provide effective development of science cases, design review and to receive the maximum benefit from the investment that has been made in the SKA. To achieve this, the UK Square Kilometre Array Science Committee (UKSKASC) is being set as a platform for discussion between the SKA Organisation (through the UK Board member representatives) and the UK science community.

  1. The committee will comprise of 12 representatives, with individuals chosen from SKA related groups e.g. Working Groups or Consortia, and nominated from the UK community. An STFC representative will act as secretary for the group and sponsor.
  2. The Committee will meet a minimum of twice a year, but more meetings can be added depending on the requirements of the SKA programme.
  3. Nominations for representatives will be sought from the UK Science community prior to election.
  4. If there are no nominees, then STFC will make nominations, and an election will be held if required.
  5. Representatives are appointed to the committee for a period of three years.
  6. The Chair of the committee will be elected from the existing representatives on the committee, or in exceptional circumstances, someone with experience who is not an existing representative.
  7. The term of Chair will be for two years.
  8. The committee will:
    • provide a platform for discussion between SKAO and the UK Science Community on operational and strategic matters;
    • provide support and advice on the technical challenges related to the project e.g. instrumentation, software, support facilities and on other related matters.
    • collate, summarise and present the views of the UK Science Community to the Executive Committee for representation to the board and the SKAO.
    • to oversee a program of user workshops and meetings designed to promote the use of the SKA within the UK astronomical community, educate the community on the technical aspects of the observatory and to discuss the UK SKA scientific program.

Last updated: 26 June 2018


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