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Accelerators play an important role in much of what STFC does, and so STFC has a strategic vision to develop technologies to maintain and upgrade its actively supported accelerators at facilities used by UK researchers — ALICE, CERN, DIAMOND and ISIS — and to create accelerators for the future.

The CERN Accelerator Complex
(Credit: CERN)

Besides the accelerator research and development work in the facilities themselves, R&D activities also take place in ASTeC, Technology Department, the two STFC-funded accelerator organisations Cockcroft Institute and John Adams Institute, and several other university departments.

The R&D work covers many different themes and projects such as high-intensity beam dynamics, simulation code development, beam instrumentation, RF systems, undulators, crab cavity and target development, laser plasma acceleration, the Versatile Electron Linear Accelerator (VELA), the Front End Test Stand, and international projects such as AWAKE, CLIC, LHC upgrades, and MICE.

Accelerators are a fundamental enabling technology, and STFC supports the exploitation of its accelerator capabilities and expertise for societally beneficial purposes such as health, energy, security and promoting industry.


Charlotte Jamieson
CERN Liaison and Accelerator Programme Manager

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