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Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research

FAIR is the Facility for Anti-protons and Ion Research under construction at the GSI laboratory near Darmstadt, Germany.

FAIR will provide a unique range of high-energy and high-intensity radioactive ion beams, high intensity anti-protons and high-energy heavy-ions. These beams will support a broad range of science including nuclear structure, hadronic, relativistic heavy ion, plasma and atomic physics.

The UK Nuclear Physics community is part of the FAIR project and STFC will contribute to FAIR through support to the NuSTAR experiment.

UK involvement in FAIR

The STFC Nuclear Physics Group, along with the Universities of Birmingham, Brighton, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester, Surrey, West of Scotland and York are currently funded by STFC, to construct components for three experiments in the NUSTAR:

  • In the R3B project the UK collaboration is responsible for the construction of the silicon tracker for the recoil detector array. The research that will be carried out at R3B hopes to shed light on the structure of the nucleus close to the limits of stability
  • The DESPEC experiment is looking to study the process by which many of the heavier elements are formed in supernova. The UK is involved in the development of a new gamma-ray array which will be capable of detecting gamma-ray coincidences to an extremely high time resolution
  • As part of the HISPEC experiment, the UK is developing the calorimeter array LYCCA and integrating AGATA (Advanced Gamma Tracking Array) into the experiment. The HISPEC project hopes to measure electromagnetic transitions in exotic, unstudied nuclei

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