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European XFEL

(Credit: European XFEL)

The European XFEL is a research facility currently under construction in the Hamburg area, Germany. From 2017 on, it will generate extremely intense X-ray flashes to be used by researchers from all over the world.

The European XFEL will open up completely new areas of experimentation. Its X-ray flashes will allow scientists to map atomic details of viruses, film chemical reactions and study the processes in the interior of planets. A brief overview on how the facility will operate can be found here: How does it work?

In December 2014 the UK government announced that the UK would invest up to £30M (about 38 M€) to become a full member of the European XFEL as the result of the input received to the BIS Capital Consultation exercise. The UK will become the 12th member of the European XFEL project, joining Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. STFC is now working with the European XFEL project and the other partners to negotiate UK membership.

The European XFEL is being constructed by the European XFEL GmbH. The construction costs for the facility, which include the commissioning phase, amount to 1.15B€ (price levels of 2005).

Latest events

Addressing Societal Challenges using Advanced Laser Light Sources

The European Cluster of Advanced Laser Light Sources (EUCALL) invites you to join the open EUCALL Workshop

26 - 27 April 2018
Location: DESY, Hamburg, Germany

The workshop highlights research using synchrotron, free-electron laser and optical laser light sources in areas of high relevance to societal needs. Requests for research driven by these needs and the challenges in addressing these requests will be introduced. Examples of experiments using light sources will demonstrate the contributions light sources already provide.

A special topic will be to discuss how a combined use of synchrotron, free-electron laser and optical laser light sources opens a route to obtaining additional information in these research fields.

Invited speakers will describe research needs and applications using x-ray and ultraviolet radiation techniques in the fields of:

  • Materials in Engineering and Technology
  • Materials in Information Technology
  • Energy
  • Health

View event poster (PDF, 436 KB)


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