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CERN Employment and Training Opportunities

CERN offers tremendous opportunities for its staff to develop their skills and understanding through some of the most exciting and cutting edge projects in engineering, computing and physics. CERN hosts over 11000 visiting scientist, at any one time there are over 350 doctoral & technical students and 550 research fellows at CERN from around the globe! All utilising the remarkable facilities available to conduct a large span of research topics.

Why work at CERN?

A view of CERN
(Credit: CERN)

CERN is a truly unique organisation, it’s a genuine collaboration between countries, universities and scientists from around the world, driven by a commitment to create and share knowledge. The nature of CERN’s collaborative international community creates a genuine atmosphere of trust inviting experts from many fields come and share in its ambition. Everyone is an integral part of the immense scientific discoveries which answer some of life’s most complex questions, pushing the boundaries of our understanding. History is being made, so become a part of it!


Different Schemes

Breakdown of the opportunities at CERN
(Credit: STFC)

There are a wide range of schemes available at CERN, with something for everyone whether you are a student, an experienced scientist or skilled engineer.


CERN fields of study

Universe of Particles exhibition at CERN
(Credit: CERN)

CERN operates several departments often looking for students; the breadth of subjects is probably a lot larger than you think:

Applied physics, Information Technology, Mathematics, Electrical, electronic, mechanical or civil engineering, Instrumentation for accelerators and particle physics experiments, Materials science, Radiation protection, Safety and environmental protection, Science communication, Surveying, Ultra-high vacuum, Bio-medicine.

A list of the departments and the skills they need can be found on our CERN Departments page.

How to Apply

There are many opportunities for working and learning at CERN. Visit the CERN e-recruitment pages for details of vacancies; CERN has several student and graduate training programmes:

  • Technical Students (4 to 12 months)
  • Doctoral Students (6 to 36 months)
  • Fellowships (6 to 36 months)
  • Marie Curie Actions (up to 3 years)

CERN has two application deadlines per year; these are December for a placement beginning in spring or summer, and June for placements beginning in late summer/autumn. Contracts normally start on the first calendar day of a month, not before two months after the selection committee and up to 6 months after. The application process comprises of an online form at CERN jobs, once the application is complete you will upload your CV, academic transcripts, and give details of referees.

The application process and CV writing is so crucial that STFC, with CERN, has prepared a full set of guidance to help students through the entire procedure:


Any of the CERN departments would be pleased to engage in more depth with UK University departments and tutors, employers, trainers and careers advisers. Visits to CERN can be facilitated by STFC, and the first point of contact for this is Stephanie Hills. Find out more about the UK’s involvement at CERN by subscribing to the biweekly UK News from CERN newsletter.

Last updated: 11 May 2018


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