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CERN - Engineering & Computing Collaboration

The physics programme at CERN presents varied engineering challenges at the forefront of technology, from the atomic scale to the colossal. Engineers design, develop and commission the cutting-edge technology, machines and systems that the physicists need for their research.

CERN engineering challenges include:

CERN’s current development focus is the High-Luminosity Large Hadron Collider (HL-LHC) project, which aims to increase the intensity of the LHC by a factor of 10 beyond the LHC’s design value with physics operation in 2026. HL-LHC will face many engineering challenges but offers numerous opportunities.

How to proceed?

  • Talk to your local particle physics group, who will already have ties to CERN
  • Contact departments at CERN directly if you have an idea for a collaboration
  • Encourage your students to apply for CERN technical studentships
  • Encourage suitable candidates for CERN graduate and professional positions
  • Look at the CERN sample projects page for an overview of potential endeavours that CERN undertakes, and with which you could be involved
  • Look at STFC’s LHC Resource Portal
    • STFC’s LHC Resource Portal is a one-stop-shop for information relating to CERN and its activities, as well as a promotion tool to increase the UK’s scientific communities’ engagement with the world’s foremost particle physics laboratory and the largest scientific instrument ever designed and built for scientific research. As a Member State to CERN, UK scientists and engineers have direct access to employment opportunities. CERN is currently advertising vacancies for these jobs and provides a highly competitive remuneration and employee benefits package across all career levels and disciplines. There are jobs directly related to the HL-LHC upgrade that are indicative of future opportunities, also.

HL-LHC employment opportunities (PDF, 380KB)

Engineers are vital to CERN's activities – to push the boundaries of experimental physics, they're building some of the most advanced machines in the world!

Last updated: 05 July 2018


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