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NuSTAR - Nuclear Structure, Astrophysics and Reactions

NuSTAR (Nuclear Structure, Astrophysics and Reactions) is an umbrella collaboration of more than 800 scientists from 146 institutions in 36 countries focusing on experiments using stage 1 of FAIR (Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research). NuSTAR comprises of nine different collaborations (AIC, DESPEC, ELISe, EXL, HISPEC, ILIMA, LaSpec, MATS and R3B) based around state-of-the art detector systems.

The common aim of NuSTAR is to exploit the beams of short-lived radioactive species to study how the properties of nuclei and nuclear matter vary over a wide range of isospin, angular momentum, temperature and density.  

Current experimental programmes concentrate on the SIS/FRS and UNILAC/SHIP facilities at GSI, supported by corresponding theoretical studies. The main goal is to develop, construct and operate the Super - FRS rare isotope beam facility and its related experimental set-ups at FAIR.

UK Involvement

STFC Daresbury Laboratory

University of Birmingham

University of Brighton

University of Edinburgh

University of Liverpool

University of Manchester

University of Surrey

University of the West of Scotland

University of York

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