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SuperNEMO - Super Neutrino Ettore Majorana Observatory demonstrator

SuperNEMO is a next generation experiment to search for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay (NDBD) based on the successful NEMO-3 experiment. NDBD is the only way to access the fundamental nature of the neutrino. It is the aim of SuperNEMO to increase the sensitivity, compared with current experiments, to the absolute Majorana neutrino mass by an order of magnitude. This is the region of neutrino mass suggested by recent neutrino oscillation experiments. It will house 100 kg of isotopes, ten times more than NEMO 3, thus reaching a neutrino mass sensitivity of about 50 meV. The SuperNEMO detector will comprise several identical modules, each containing a source foil surrounded by a tracker with drift cells and a calorimeter.

The SuperNEMO approach aims to measure the complete topological signature of the process (two electrons emitted from the same vertex with the summed energy of the DBD transition). This will allow for the extremely efficient background suppression needed for the discovery of NDBD. SuperNEMO will also be in the unique position to identify and study the specific mechanism responsible for NDBD (e.g. right-handed current admixture in weak interaction versus supersymmetry etc). SuperNEMO is also the only experiment of this type that can use many isotopes, therefore, should evidence be found by an alternative technique, it will provide the necessary cross-check to confirm the observations.

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