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Students & Graduates


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Placements from University


Work for us!
We seek graduates with degrees in Engineering, (mechanical, electrical, software and especially electronics and microelectronics), physics, and computing science to join our graduate scheme in 2014 and help STFC deliver the very best science and engineering.

Work for one of our partners!
There are great opportunities at our partner organisations, such as CERN, ILL, ESRF, ESO and Diamond.

Graduate internships

We recruit graduate interns in support of the Government's Graduate Talent Pool initiative to provide work experience for unemployed graduates. Placements have been available in most STFC departments and will be advertised on the Talent Pool website when an internship is available.

PhD training

STFC supports Ph.D. training by providing funding for around 900 current astronomy, particle and nuclear physics students in UK university departments; and by helping to train the further 1500 or so students that use STFC facilities each year.

The majority of STFC-funded students are supported through Doctoral Training Partnerships with UK university departments, but we also fund CASE studentships, which involve collaboration with a non-academic partner; Futures studentships, aimed at the interface between STFC capabilities and the global challenge priorities of energy, environment, healthcare and security; and project studentships, which are funded as part of research grants.

The Student Enhancement Programme (STEP), also funded through Doctoral Training Partnerships, provides additional funding for STFC students to help them on their first steps towards a postdoctoral career.

Students using STFC facilities receive training in a variety of ways, including ‘on the job’ training whilst running experiments, dedicated training courses and workshops run for facilities by students and co-supervision of students by STFC scientists. STFC facilities are keen to partner with EPSRC-funded Centres for Doctoral Training in relevant science areas to provide student training and supervision.

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