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Support for Teachers

The Science and Technology Facilities Council is one of Europe's largest multidisciplinary research organisations. The Council supports research facilities, scientists and engineers world-wide, operates world-class, large-scale research facilities and provides strategic advice to the UK government on their development.

Our UK research facilities are at:

  • Daresbury Laboratory, Cheshire;
  • Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Oxfordshire;
  • the UK Astronomy Technology Centre in Edinburgh

International partners include:

  • the European Space Agency (ESA);
  • the European Southern Observatory (ESO);
  • the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF);
  • the Institut Laue-Langevin;
  • the European centre for particle physics at CERN near Geneva

The Council also maintains observatories in Hawaii and La Palma.

Unless otherwise stated, the schools' resources are available free of charge directly from the STFC Public Engagement Team and can also be ordered via the website.

Leaflets, Posters, Wall Charts and Booklets (link opens in a new window)

  • Leaflets: Full colour, double sided leaflets that open out to A2 sized posters, with introductions to STFC science and technology such as space missions and the Large Hadron Collider.
  • Posters: One-sided A1 posters of STFC supported missions and experiments.
  • Cartoon booklets for a fast introduction to the topic or information booklets for those wanting more detail.
  • STFC publications cover general topics in STFC science areas or specific projects or missions.
  • Teacher notes for Cosmic Ray Broadsheet (PDF - 300kB - link opens in a new window)

Learning Resources

STFC and partner organisations offer a range of web based resources that include interactive learning activities, curriculum links, lesson plans, general project information and input from scientists involved in projects.

Borrow the Moon!

Schools, museums and clubs can borrow samples of Moon rock brought back to Earth by the NASA Apollo astronauts. The pack also includes meteorite samples, one is an actual piece of Mars. Educational support material suitable for all ages, together with Moon maps and photographic slides allow this resource to be tailored to the needs and abilities of any group. Normal loan period: One Week, Monday - Friday.

Visit guides

Practical advice on visiting the following facilities:

Experts on Call

STFC schools liaison officer - The officer is available to help individual teachers or groups of teachers by:

  • arranging talks and INSET training
  • providing information on STFC science
  • giving advice on visiting CERN and La Palma
  • linking schools with their local university research groups
  • finding resource materials

Scientists and engineers to talk at your school


The STFC Small Awards Scheme - The scheme provides funding from £500 to £10,000 for projects where a school works in partnership with a research organisation and other schools or the community to develop the awareness of, and enrich teaching through STFC’s facilities, astronomy, nuclear and particle physics or space science. This is a competitive scheme with two closing dates per year.

The STFC / IoP / IET Schools' Grants Scheme (link opens in a new window) - Up to £500 for projects and events to enrich the teaching and learning of physics & astronomy.

Other Schemes

CREST Awards (link opens in a new window) - The nationally recognised scheme for project work in the fields of science and technology is run by the British Science Association. Aimed at students aged 11-19, these awards encourage students to develop their scientific curiosity, problem solving and communication skills.

The National Particle Physics Masterclasses (link opens in a new window) One-day classes for A level Physics Students and their teachers are held at many universities, plus Rutherford and Daresbury Labs throughout the country in March and April.

Nuffield Science Bursaries (link opens in a new window) - A scheme to help post-16 students take part in science based projects during the summer holidays. Supported by Research Councils UK.

Visit our Labs

The STFC organises a wide range of scientific lectures and events, ranging from the highly specialised and technical, to hands-on learning for schools.

For General enquiries and to order materials contact the Public Engagement Team.

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