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How science makes a difference


How science makes a difference

Whoever you are, whatever you enjoy, there’s a career in science for you.

How are people in #TeamScience making a difference?

All around the country (and all around the globe!) #TeamScience is working to make the world a better place.

  • Teaching others to understand the world around them
  • Designing software that changes:
    • the way video games are built
    • our understanding how diseases spread
  • Building telescopes that allow us to see to the edges of our Galaxy
  • Predicting bad weather to help the emergency services
  • Helping nurses, doctors and other healthcare experts diagnose conditions such as:
    • cancer
    • dementia
    • stroke
    • heart damage

None of the people doing these amazing things are doing it alone.

For these things to happen, lots of people need to work together.

To keep these things going in the future, we'll need even more different types of people to get involved - including people like you!

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