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Stuff for parents and teachers


Stuff for parents and teachers

We’d like as many people in #TeamScience as possible

The science and engineering industries are an important part of the UK economy, and have the potential to keep growing in the future. For this to happen we need more scientists and engineers… but, at the moment, we are currently facing a skills shortage of around 40,000 specialists every year.1

One major reason for this is that not enough young people aspire to study STEM subjects after the age of 16.2 And this isn’t because children see science as boring or unimportant.

More than 7 out of 10 say they learn interesting things in science, and that scientists make a difference in the world.2

But, despite this interest, many children simply decide that science isn’t for them – and many make this decision before the age of 11. This can be a particular issue among girls, and children from working-class and some minority ethnic backgrounds.2

Science is amazing (children know this!) and we’d like to see more young people believing it’s something they can be a part of. That’s what #TeamScience is all about.


There are lots of different careers available within the science and engineering industries

By studying science young people can develop a huge range of transferable skills that they can apply to whatever career they choose.

We're not just talking about jobs and careers

We’d like young people to believe that they are capable of being whatever they want to be, rather than counting themselves out before they’re teenagers.

You can support #TeamScience too!

  • Encourage your kids to stick with science, maths and technology subjects at school
  • Find out about the huge range of careers in STEM that are available (or that might be available in the future!)
  • Discover some of the different activities they can take part in


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